Executive Training Seminars


& Workshops, LLC


Self Protection For Busy Professionals.


Would you like to protect your valuable employees

and, at the same time, dramatically increase their

self-confidence and productivity?


Thai Lotus?is a unique program for executives and professionals that builds confidence and self-assuredness through self-defense training. It was developed in the 1970s at Langley Air Force Base by a graduate of Lotus Self Defense as taught at the Mahachanavong Self Defense School in Thailand.


Our founder has condensed his thirty years of knowledge and training into a forty-hour course that can be taught to anyone regardless of age, sex, or state of physical condition. No previous experience is required. Students as old as 86 years old have benefited from the training.


Thai Lotus?is not a traditional martial arts program.  It is not Army or Marine Corp style basic training, nor are years of study necessary to produce results.  Thai Lotus?does provide practical self-defense, address health and wellness issues, inspire, motivate and build confidence.  It may increase longevity, and it definitely improves quality of life.


The techniques taught in Thai Lotus? allow the participants to restrain an attacker without causing permanent damage and to apply whatever level of force may be necessary.


We will show you how to go from

positions of peril such as this 

To putting an attacker on

the ground like this

..in just a few business days!

Tel: (404) 825-0872
3115 Chinabee Rd
Munford, Al 36268

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